Unsolicited Reviews for the Stereo Dogs!

"Stereo Dogs! are the best young rock band in the region!"

Stereo Dogs band is proud to have received the following responses after performances.
The band looks forward to contributing to the community by serving others through music.
Awesome Talent
Thanks for letting me sit in with you guys tonight...I cannot begin to tell the people our there how much awesome talent in this band...I'm still smiling...you have my best endorsement ever!!
David Kai Gibson - Qrisis Band (www.qrisis.com)

Ultra Talented
What an ULTRA TALENTED Group of Young Musicians!  Mobile's local music scene is growing in an amazing direction!
Harrison McInnis, The Harrison McInnis Trio

Stereo Dogs Hit it Hard for the
Love of the Music!
​I just love to see these talented kids hit it hard for the love of the music.  There will be a crowd there for sure... and these fellas ain't gonna do no hip hop - look for the Beatles/Hendrix... that's where the cred is!
Steve Varnes, The Deluxe Trio 

The Stereo Dogs might be young...
but they can play and sing like they've been doing it for many, many years... plus a really cool song list! They are a Great Band!
Greg Crabtree, Midlife Crisis Band
Blown Away!
They blow me away to be only 16! Great musicians!!! I'm sure we will have them back again soon.
Vickie Bailey – Owner, Bailey’s Entertainment

Unbelievable! Stereo Dogs are tearing it up! If you haven't heard this band, you're missing out. No lie!
Phil Proctor, philproctor.net

You Want To Rock?!!
Well, the Stereo Dogs will bring the sound! These Dogs will Rock Your Socks!
Dale Taylor, Saenger Nite Live(Saenger Theatre)

Teens form Impressive Rock Band
The musical talent displayed by this group of young muscians is evidence that each member has a promising future in music ahead of them. Each song is played with accuracy and dedication, and it is clearly translated at their live shows.
Steve Centanni, Lagniappe Magazine

Wow! Didn't Expect that kind of
Talent out of Kids!
Thanks for playing at The Shed!  We were pleasantly surprised at the following the Stereo Dogs have.  You just don't expect that kind of talent out of kids. Come back again soon!
The Shed 
One of the Hottest
Up and Coming Bands
Stereo Dogs is one of the hottest up and coming bands in the Southeast.

A throwback sound of classic rock, the band consist of four 16-17 year old music virtuosos, with twin brothers Bryan (drums) and Andrew (keyboards/ vocals) Ayers, Jamie Newsome (bass/ vocals) and Jordan Steele (guitar/ vocals). 

In their television debut, they performed Turn My Fire Blue on Studio 10 on Fox 10 TV in Mobile, AL. 
Bill Flowers - Fox10 TV

​Stereo Dogs are Awesome!
Y'all were Awesome! Let us know when you can come back and play again!
Svetlana Polishuk, The Pelican Reef

Great Work Stereo Dogs!
You will love the presence and tight groove of this band. Keep Jammin'!
Daniel Driskell, Full Scale School of Music

Stereo Dogs Made the Event!
What a wonderful night! (USA Children's & Women's Cause for Celebration). And the Stereo Dogs made the event!
Belinda Baggett, Dir.of Volunteer Svcs.
USA Children's & Womens Hosp.
stereo dogs!
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